Bathing and Swimming

The area around Húsavík is famous for its geothermal springs, often believed to have healing powers. Lie back and relax in one of Iceland’s natural or man-made spas, or take a dip in one of the local pools.

Geothermal Springs
Those searching for a natural place to bathe should look just outside of the town centre, to the southwest, where there is a geothermal lake in which you can swim. Unusually for Iceland, this particular lake also features a steadily growing population of goldfish, a result of local pets being released into the wild.

Swimming Pool
Along with the geothermal spas, swimming pools in Iceland are very much a national pastime. Often set within idyllic surroundings, and usually with a hot bath on the side, they are a regular haunt for friends or family to spend time with one another. Húsavík swimming pool is no exception. It has a jacuzzi, hot tub and a special pool for kids with a slide over the summer months.

Summer opening: (10. June – 23. August)
Monday-Friday  6:45-21:00
Saturday-Sunday  10:00-18:00

Winter opening: (24. August- 9. June)
Monday-Thursday  6:45-9:30  og 14:30-21:00
Friday  6:45-09:30  og  14:30-19:00
Saturday-Sunday  10:00-18:00

The Húsavík Swimming Pool


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