Slider whale watching Whale watching trips in Skjálfandi Bay allow a close encounter with cetaceans © Gentle Giants
Featured Image A Blue whae breaches out of the ocean at Skjálfandi Bay © Gentle Giants
Bird's eye perspective the biggest living mammal © Nick Bondarev, North Sailing
A humpback breaching in front of Garðar ©Letta Shtohryn, North Sailing
Fluke of a humpback whale in Skjálfandi Bay © Gaukur Hjartarson
slider whale watching White beaked dolphins are common guests at Skjálfandi Bay © Sarah Arndt, Gentle Giants
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Nestled on the edge of Skjálfandi Bay, the town of Húsavík is globally recognised as one of the best locations in the world from which to watch whales. In fact, there is a higher chance of seeing whales in Húsavík than any other place in Iceland. This is why Húsavík became known as the Whale Capital of Iceland. Húsavík´s harbor is a hive of activity in this respect, because as well as the four whale-watching companies that use the docks, there is the Whale Museum and the University of Iceland´s research center.

Different companies offer whale watching and puffin watching tours either on traditional oak boats or RIB speedboats. All whale watching companies operating in Húsavík have adopted the Code of Conduct and follow the rules in their daily operation. Learn more about whale watching in Húsavík here and see the FAQ. A list of species that can be seen in the bay is here.