Mývatn Open

Myvatn Open 2012 - Magnus og Vafi
Mývatn Open – Horses on ice!

The annual Mývatn Open will be held 7th and 8th of March 2014 close to Sel – Hótel Mývatn.

On Friday the 7th there will be a ridingtour on the icy lake Mývatn. Sel-Hótel Mývatn offers riders sandwitches and hot chocolate in one of the islands on lake Mývatn. The ridingtour starts at 16:30 and is about 2 hours. Everyone is welcome to participate. If you need housing for your horses in Mývatn then please call Marinó on 896-0593.

On Saturday the 8th the official tournament takes place. The tournament starts at 11:00. After the tournament there is a cake- and coffe buffet in Sel-Hótel Mývatn. In the evening is a celebration and everyone is welcome to join. See schedule here below.

Scedule – Friday 22. February
16:30 – 18.30 Ridingtour on Mývatn – Everyone welcome Myvatn Open map
Schedule – Saturday 23. February
11:00 Tölt B (No age restrictions)
13:00 Tölt A
Stallion competition
Price ceremony and cake- and coffe buffet at Sel-Hótel Mývatn
19:30 House opens for a social gathering at Sel-Hótel Mývatn. Video from todays action at a big schreen
20:30 Celebration buffet – everyone welcome.
23:30 Music and party through the night.

Mývatn Open 2014 will be held 7-8 March.

Information also available on Sel-Hótel Mývatn

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