The North East of Iceland surely is a quiet and relaxing area, but it gets easily spiced up thanks to a few exciting events, for sportsmen or for the whole family, happening every year.

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Regular events in Húsavík and surroundings

Energy RaceEnergy Race – Cross Country Sky Race
Energy Race (e. Orkugangan) is a 60 km long cross country ski race from Krafla in the Mývatn area to the town of Húsavík by Skjálfandi bay.
The race is the longest ski race in Iceland and a point earning part of the Iceland race series Íslandsgangan. The race is on the April each year.Read more  >
Mývatn Pilgrim WalkMývatn Pilgrim Walk
The Mývatn Pilgrim walk (Píslargangan) is a annual event in Mývatnssveit on the last Friday before Easter. It starts with a service in Reykjahlíð church and after service the participants walk around Mývatn, about 36 km.Read more  >
Mývatn MarathonMývatn Marathon
The Mývatn Marathon is a regular 42 km run around Lake Mývatn in a stunning surroundings. Those who prefer to run shorter distances can run a half marathon, 10 km and 3 km runs.Read more  >
Húsavík Candy DaysHúsavík Candy Days
The Húsavík Candy Days (e. Mærudagar) are a family and culture festival and are held the last weekend in July every year. It is a town festival with a huge number of events such as a parade, bonfire, ram show, playground for the kids and outdoor concerts.Read more  >
Dettifoss Trail RunDettifoss Trail Run
The Dettifoss Trail Run (e. Jökulsárhlaup) is every year in August in the Vatnajökull National Park. The stunning surroundings and the natural wonders make this run a unforgettable experiance. Distances are 33 km, 21 km and 13 km.Read more  >
Melrakkaslétta HikingMelrakkaslétta Hiking
The Melrakkaslétta Hiking (e. Sléttugangan) is every year on the Melrakkaslétta plain. The hikes varies from year to year but are usually around 25 to 30 km. The hiking is led by guides and included in the registration fee is a lift back and a trip to the swimmingpool.Read more  >
Raufarhöfn Ram DayRaufarhöfn Ram Day
The Raufarhöfn Ram Day (e. Hrútadagar á Raufarhöfn)is in oktober every year. There you can buy Icelandic Rams at a auction. At the event there is also a national competition in making the Icelandic meat soup. A really fun event to attend.Read more  >
Yule Lads in Mývatn - Photo by Jon StefánssonYule Lads in Mývatn
The Icelandic Yule Lads come in December to Dimmuborgir in Mývatn every year. These popular figures bring the holiday spirit and joy to theyr gusts. There are a lot of interresting events around the Yule Lads worth participating in such as the yearly bath at the Mývatn nature baths.Read more  >

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