Gas Stations and Electronic Charging Station

N1 - Shop and gas stationN1 
N1 gas station is located in the center of the town and includes a shop for daily supplies and working clothes, a fast food restaurant with BBQ and car wash facilities. Read more>
Olís - Shop and gas stationOlís – Grill 66
The gas station Olís is in the same building as Grill 66, in the southern part of town. It offers hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwich fresh from the BBQ, a shop for daily supplies and car wash facilities. Read more>
Self-service gas station at the northern end of town at Héðinsbraut 6 with a car wash facility.
Electronic charging station next to Orka gas station at Héðinsbraut 6.

The next gas stations outside of Húsavík are close to Ásbyrgi 62km in the north, 55km south at Reynihlið next to Mývatn or 47km southwest in the direction of Akureyri.