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Scandinavia Travel North is a destination management company operating in Iceland, with special focus on the northern region of the country, which offers full range of quality travel services, including transportation, tours, guiding, accommodation and outdoor activities booking, events, meals etc. Besides standard tours, day tours or package tours, Travel North also designs and runs special routes off the beaten path. Groups are in good hands with this local and fully licensed agency, as it offers both professional and customised travel services, such as land arrangements, excursions, accommodations and activities.

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Garðarsbraut 5
640 Húsavík
Tel: +354 894 1470


Scandinavia Travel North aims at meeting traveller´s needs by organising full service itineraries that are inspiring and allow you to explore and enjoy the moment. We like the way of slow travel, and remind you that travelling in Iceland should take time as here are so many different places and ways to experience the vast beauty of Iceland. In addition to leisure tours and nature based tours, sightseeing tours and activities, we like to offer theme tours adjusted for special interests. For example; geology tours, birdwatching, photography tours, energy (sustainability) as well as food and culture tours.

Húsavík Walking Tours
In collaboration with local founders, Scandinavia Travel North runs the town walking tours. During the tours, a local guide shows Húsavík’s best spots and some hidden gems, starting from Húsavíkurkirkja, the iconic wooden church built in 1907, and then moving to Skrúðgarðurinn, the attractive town gardens where the bubbling Búðara flanks the winding path and small wooden bridges criss-cross the brook. Other locations visited are the area of the oldest house ever built in Iceland, by Swedish explorer Garðar Svavarssonin winter 870, and a panoramic viewpoint over the harbour, heart of the town in the past which even nowadays, in a different way, is the core of the local community. While walking, history, culture and folklore emerge, unusual local tales and fun facts are told. The walking tours are often combined with other activities, such as museums visit, hiking and relaxing in the thermal spa.

Getting There
Directly in the centre of Húsavík, Scandinavia Travel North is impossible to miss, being located in the big white building across the street from the whale watching ticket offices.

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