Mánárbakki Folk Museum

Manarbakki folk museum

Twenty five kilometres to the north of Húsavík, set in an idyllic looking series of black and white turf houses, sits a folk museum showcasing relics of a bygone Iceland era. Focussing a little more on the 20th century than other museums of this type, once you pass the wood carving of the limbless nude at the gate, expect diverse arrays of confectionery wrappers, porcelain dogs and brightly coloured Icelandic folk art. Curiously, it also happens to be the site of a Northern Lights Research Centre.

Admission and Opening Times
Only a few hundred ISK to get in and free if you´re under 12, just turn up at the gates, and the owners will let you in. Open in the summer from June – August, 9am- 6pm. At other times just give them a ring beforehand on 4641957.

Getting There

Just head north, its only a short 15 minute drive up the road from Húsavík.
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Pictures of the museum

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