Húsavík Museum


Everyday ephemera jutted up next to squiffy-looking stuffed rodents, this is a great place to delve deeper into Iceland´s history and learn how-on-earth people survived in such challenging conditions all those years ago.  One of the most prized possessions here is a stuffed Polar Bear which floated to Iceland on an iceberg in 1969.  But to many, what really stands out in this museum is the curation.  A result of a collaboration with a group of artists and writers, the display has won an award for the best in Iceland.

A Museum of Many Museums
One of the most interesting pieces of architecture in Húsavík, the museum building was built in the ’60s to house a range of smaller collections within the region.  The largest are the anthropological and maritime sections, but there is also a photographic collection and district archive.  Aswell as this, on the first floor is a gallery and in the basement you can find the local library. Apparently, if you ask, there´s even a secret beer label collection somewhere. As if this isn´t enough, they also tend to several of the Northeast’s turf house museums – in Grenjaðarstaður and Snartastaðir.

Wi-fi, Coffee and Snoods
Upstairs there is a small shop selling designer products including some pretty impressive looking snoods.  Downstairs in the library, there is a wi-fi hotspot and coffee for a donation.

Adults, ISK 800. Senior citizens, ISK 500. Children under 16 go free.

Opening Times
1st June – 31st August, 10 – 18:00 every day.
1st September – 31st May, 10 – 16:00 every weekday.
Grenjaðarstaður and Snartastaðir are only open over the summer.

Getting There
The Museum is located beneath the pine forest at the back of town.  Just head towards the mountain.
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