Knútsstaðaborg Hollow

Knútsstaðaborg is an accessible hollow chamber inside a rocky outcrop to the west of Húsavík. About 10 square metres in size, brace yourself for the strong smell of sheep´s wool when you step inside, the local livestock keep shelter here in hot sun or bad weather.

Located in the Aðaldalshraun lava field, the knobbly enclave of Knútsstaðaborg is about 15 minutes drive from Húsavík. The surrounding lava field is well vegetated with birch trees and heather, whilst the lava formations themselves have similar characteristics to the famous Dimmuborgir near Lake Mývatn.  In fact, both formations were created from the same lava flow, a result of the single largest eruption in the Mývatn area after the ice age. This occurred about 2000 years ago and evidence of the scale of the eruption can be seen in the distance the lava would have travelled, over 50km from Mývatn to Aðaldalur.

Getting There

To get to Knútsstaðaborg, head southwest from Húsavík for about 15 minutes.  Take the third left after the airport, towards the farm Knútsstaðir. After 50 metres, take the dirt road leading to the right into the lava field. Once you reach the woods, keep your eyes peeled, there´s a sign indicating where to stop.

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