Kaðlín Handicraft


HusavikHúsavík´s number one location to buy traditional Icelandic crafts, Kaðlín is a great place to buy presents during your stay. Floor to ceiling with homemade goodies, it’s a lovely spot not only for gifts, but also for things to enjoy while you’re here. If it´s winter, an Icelandic jumper and socks may well be a necessary addition to your wardrobe. Or if you´re looking to taste the local produce, they have a fantastic selection of home-made jams and teas utilising the local herbs and berries.  But perhaps the highlight for many, and the thing that sets this out as a little different to other Icelandic craft shops, is the box of beachcombed bones and skulls that you can buy. So if you fancy a seal toe or a puffin´s foot to take home, look no further, Kaðlin is the place to be.

Getting There

This is only a minutes walk from Húsavík tourist information. Set just behind Salka restaurant, in a yellowy orange house, with a flag and a sign on the side saying House of Arts and Handicrafts.
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