Kaldbakstjarnir Lakes/ Goldfish Pond

Offering fantastic views back towards Husavik Mountain and across the bay to Flateyjarskagi Peninsula, the lakes of Kaldbakstjarnir are a wonderful place to take a walk at any time of year. A peaceful location to have a picnic, in the autumn the surrounding heath-land here is covered in berries, ripe and ready for your dessert.

Observation hut at Kaldsbakstjörn © Húsavíkurstofa
Observation hut at Kaldsbakstjörn © Húsavíkurstofa

An easily accessible area of natural beauty within walking distance of Húsavík and a popular option for those interested in bird-watching, there is usually a range of species to be seen, with regulars including the Horned Grebe and the Red Breasted Merganser. An observation hut at the southern end provides shelter.

Opposite the entrance you will also find a smaller body of water with some peculiar characteristics. Firstly, as you may discern from the rising mist, this is a geothermal pond (in which some people choose to bathe) but secondly, it is also home to one of the world’s most northerly Goldfish populations. Unwanted pets released by locals, this is a particularly bizarre sight to see in the winter, with heavy snow all around.

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