Handmade Icelandic woolen sweaters and mittens
Handmade Icelandic woolen sweaters and mittens © Christin Irma Schröder

Húsavík´s number one location to buy traditional Icelandic crafts is right next to the Whale Museum. Kaðlín, directly below the museum, and Prjónakofinn, the little wooden cottage next to it, are great places to buy presents during your stay.

Floor to ceiling with homemade goodies, it’s a lovely spot not only for gifts, but also for things to enjoy while you’re here. If it´s winter, an Icelandic jumper and socks may well be a necessary addition to your wardrobe. There is even the option of ordering custom made Icelandic sweaters where one can choose the pattern and colour. Or if you´re looking to taste the local produce, they have a fantastic selection of home-made jams and teas utilising the local herbs and berries. Everything is 100% handmade by locals.

The actual opening hours can be found here.