Húsavík Gardens

For those looking for a gentle stroll, the town gardens (Skrúðgarður) are an attractive place to visit at any time of year. A sympathetic place for the young and old, the gardens act as a gateway to the outside world, a great starting point to walks out of town. Small wooden bridges criss-cross the bubbling brook of Búðara, while picnic benches offer spots to sit a while and enjoy the view. Ruins of old turf houses can be found and an accompanying map details the history of each area, including the location of the town’s original hydroelectric power station. The old turf house on the far side, Kviabekkur, is due to be restored over the coming years, with exciting plans in the making for a guesthouse and artist’s retreat.

For ornithologists, Redwings and Redpoll are usually abundant, and colourful birds such as Waxwings and Harlequin Ducks can be seen at certain times of year. Botanists can enjoy a range of over 100 perennials and 50 different trees, including samples of all indigenous species. Recent additions include an Oak Mountain Ash left by a group of runners who travel the world planting trees in dedication to peace.

Head up Garðarsbraut, past the bakery and the cinema until you see the river. The park is tucked away behind the trees. There are signs that show the way once you are past the liquor store, Vinbuð.
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