Húsavík Church


Adding a distinctly quaint feel to the town, one of the most significant landmarks in Húsavík is the church. Standing at a respectable twenty-six metres high, it looks out across the harbour, ready to welcome the fishermen home after a weary day.

Built in 1907, designed by the state architect, Rognvaldur Olafsson, the building plan takes the form of a cross and was built using wood imported from Norway. The church is open most days over the tourist season, and admission is free. Just open the door and take a look.

Point of Interest

While you are there, look closely at the altar. The figures depicted in the painting of Lazarus are based on Húsavík townspeople who modelled for the artist. Some were apparently a little disgruntled at the outcome, see if you can figure out which ones they were.

You really can´t miss it. Smack bang in the middle of town, on Garðarsbraut, its red and white, with a conspicuously church-like look to it.
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