Fjúk Arts Centre

Design Factory

In the old fisherman’s baiting huts above the harbour are three spaces belonging to Fjúk Arts Centre.

In the central space there is a museum section with fake sea creatures and a whale-shaped helmet made from eggshells. In the gallery area is “The Greater Arctic Garbage Patch”, a collection of one man’s most treasured trash from around the world. Whilst the shop sells designer souvenirs, prints and art by the creatives next door and those who’ve been in residence. Behind is an events space too – so keep your eyes peeled for films, gigs and talks posted on their facebook page.

Behind the scenes at Fjúk there are studios for local creatives, a tech lab and a section dedicated to artists in residence.  Pronounced ‘fyook’, the word Fjúk actually means an Icelandic weather phenomenon where the wind blows snow off the ground. It also means to stir up that which is settled.

Opposite the church, head down the stairs and bear right along the metal balcony. The gallery and museum are in the second of the yellow doors.

Fjúk Arts Centre
Marina Rees
Sam Rees
Elena Schneider

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