Eider Falls

Eider FallsThe Eider Falls are one of the closest waterfalls to Húsavík. Known in Icelandic as Æðafossar (pronounced eye-tha-foss-ar) they are located about 10 kilometres southwest, in the River Laxá. The Laxá is an extremely rich fishing river running from Lake Mývatn to Skjálfandi Bay, with some of the largest brown trout in the country.

Celebrity Status
The farm that you pass as you approach Æðafossar has family ties to Magnus Magnusson, the late presenter of the BBC quiz show with the spinning black chairs, Mastermind. So a young Magnus may well have cavorted around the banks near the falls before he left for Scotland. A little before Magnus arrived, Jóhann Sigurjónsson, a famous Icelandic poet and playwright was also part of the family and lived here at the turn of the century.

Drive south out of Húsavík, taking the right turn towards Laxamýri farm just before the first major road junction. Bear right, driving around behind the farm, towards the river. In total the waterfall is about 10km away from Húsavík, or a 15 minute drive. If you don´t feel your car is suitable for the track, the walk from the road is about 2 km, or 20 minutes walk.
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Magnus Magnusson on Mastermind
A play by Jóhann Sigurjónsson

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