Rauðanes Point


Rauðanes is a series of unusual rock formations on the tip of a beautiful inlet, west of Þistilfjörður. A special slice of coastline, featuring collapsed caves, volcanic arches and varied birdlife, this is well and truly off the beaten track.

Walking around the point, a host of geological irregularities await you, one of which is Stakkar, a series of tumescent rock stacks which rise out of the sea like the dental remnants of Moby Dick.  If you climb down to the caves, examine the walls closely, as one of them has writing etched on the wall by sailors stranded here many years ago.

Getting There
Drive up to the farm Vellir where you will find a parking lot and a map with information on a 7 km long walking path. There is a track you can drive up to get closer, but this is only suitable for 4wd vehicles.
View route map from Húsavík

Video of rock formations on a misty day


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