Yoga and Meditation

Spirit North Yoga Shala

There is no better place on earth to connect body, mind and spirit than the tranquil Icelandic landscape. Peaceful landscape and wide open space help to step out of the daily rat race. A scenery where nothing can be heard despite the sound of nature help to listen to the inner voice without unnecessary disturbance from outside.

This is the setting where a local yoga study offers regular courses as well as pop-up courses for groups and individuals seeking inner peace. The exercises are based on the teachings of Yoga Nidra and Kundalina Yoga or Sat Nam Rasayan, an ancient self-healing method. Guest teachers may add another spectrum. The studio is a unique, warm space in bright colours open for everyone who wants to cultivate their spiritual practice.

Courses are not only offered inside. Regular trips are organized to other outdoor locations such as Flatey island in Skjálfandi Bay. Additional Gong meditation is offered both indoor and at unusual outdoor locations. Gong meditation is a unique technique that involves healing gong sounds and vibrations. Predestined to combine healing sounds with a trip on a sail boat or bath at Geosea sea bath.

Regular courses, pop-up classes with guest teachers, gong sailing and much more is offered the whole year around. Check out the homepage of Spirit North to get more information on the actual program.

Spirit North outdoor yoga