Sea Kayaking

Gentle Giants Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking – becoming one with the ocean and experiencing the Icelandic coastline like never before. Just like a trip sitting inside a car can never stand up to a walk in nature, standing at the beach is just not the same as experiencing the ocean from a kayak.

One can discover beautiful rock formations, secret lagoons and hidden caverns while stroking along the coastline of Skjálfandi Bay. Sea kayaking is the perfect mix of action and peace for all nature-lovers and active vacationers. Sea kayaking is also ideal for bird lovers because one can paddle up-close to one of Iceland’s largest puffin colonies at Lundi or Puffin Island and monitor many other sea birds in their natural habitat at the cliffs. Hearing nothing but the dripping of water from the paddle, the sound of sea birds and possibly a whale blow is an unforgettable experience.

Comfortable sit-on-top kayaks are suitable for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. Certified kayak guides accompany each tour for safety. Several tours ranging from 2 h for total beginners up to 6 h are available.

The tour is offered during the summer month. Check out the homepage of Gentle Giants to get more information on sea kayaking in Húsavík.

Gentle Giants Kayaking