Mountain Bike – MTB Húsavík

MTB- Húsavík is a new comany, founded in 2018. They specialize in short mountain biking and jeep daytrips in the area surrounding Húsavík.

Super jeeps

The tour starts from Húsavík with a drive up to heath Reykjaheiði, through the 2600-year-old lava Þeystareykjahraun and to cave Togarahellir. From there the tour continue upwards to old craters called Litla-Víti and Stóra-Víti. On the way back some old trails are followed up to the top of Ht. Húsavíkurfjall where the amazing view over Skjálfandi bay and Kinnarfjöll mountains can be enjoyed.


Mountain Bike

MTB offer various tours on mountain bikes in Húsavík and surroundings including tour to Lake Botnsvatn, Æðarfossar and Þeistareykir.

Opening Hours & Info

08:00 – 21:00
Phone: +354 8618037
640 Húsavík
Lake Botnsvatn