Húsavík Campsite

Feel free to pick a vacant spot for your camping gear. The upper campsite is for tents only, heavy vehicles are not allowed. On the lower site you will find spots with electrical outlets. A staff member will walk around the area to collect payments. Camping fee can also be paid at the Swimming pool which is located across the street from the football field.

Camping Fee 2019

For adults (18+ years) 1.750 ISK per person/first night
1.300 ISK per person/following nights
Pensioners/disability pensioners 1.300 ISK per person
Washing Machine 550 ISK
Electricity 750 ISK


Húsavík CampsiteHúsavík Campsite
640 Húsavík
Tel:+354 840 0025
E-mail: camping@nordurthing.is