Húsavík Campground

Húsavík CampsiteHúsavík Campground
640 Húsavík
Tel: +354 840 0025
GPS  66.051313, -17.344632 .
E-mail: camping@nordurthing.is
Open: 15th May-30th September

A good campsite in Húsavík with only a short walking distance to the swimming pool and the grocery store. There are cooking facilities, two showers, a washing machine and WC on the place. Also a playing ground for the kids. Wi-Fi is included in the night’s price!


Húsavík Campground fares:

Adults (15+) – 1.400isk for the first night / 1.000isk for the following nights
Pensioners / Disability pensioners – 1.000isk per night

Electricity – 700isk per day
Washing machine – 500isk per washing


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