Serie A game to be played in Húsavík?

The Italian Serie A match Pescara-Fiorentina, scheduled for today at 14:00, has been postponed, due to impracticability of the pitch, covered in snow and ice.

As a matter of fact, in the last days, unusual and severe bad weather hit central and southern Italy, as well as some areas in eastern Europe and other Mediterranean countries. In the meanwhile, Iceland is witnessing one of the mildest and least snowy winters. Húsavík day temperatures usually are above freezing and snow rapidly melts after falling.

For these reasons, a perfect solution for Serie A match would be to play in Húsavík! If an official request comes from Birkir’s former team, we’d surely be proud to lend Völsungur’s football stadium 😉

Just, that should happen within a couple of days because, then, it seems a bad weather wave hits Iceland too and temperature will drop down to the usual -quitealot C°.

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