Orcas and Dolphins are back at the Whale Museum

The new Orcas/Dolphins Room has been recently opened at the Whale Museum, after a few months during which the room underwent renovation redesign and updating, enhancing the already excellent exhibition of the museum and giving a new perspective on the fascinating world of Cetaceans.

Several people contributed to the new exhibit, including marine biologists, researchers and designers, under French artist Sonia Levy‘s curatorship. Sonia explains that the room is conceived and developed as an exhibition space that meets the need of ongoing updates on the topic. The descriptive panels on the wooden boards, indeed, have a captivating look and yet are easily removable and replaceable with future updated ones. Other components, instead, have been chosen to last, such as the almost frightening skulls (one of which contains a secret) and the beautiful patterns around the entrance door representing ancient petroglyphs and drawings of orcas and dolphins, from different cultures of the world.

Come visit it! Before it changes again…

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