Húsavík Walking Tours

Beginning in May 2016 Húsavík Walking Tours will offer a guided tours around Húsavík’s midtown attractions. The tours will operate twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. The aim of the tours is to be informative in historical and cultural sense. During the walk the guide will show the visitors Húsavik’s best known tourist attractions and also inform them about some local tales and fun facts. The tour should be a great way as a starting point in one’s trip to Húsavik.

The tour should be about 1 hour long with its starting and ending point outside of the Information Center (Same entrance as for the Whale Museum, Hafnarstétt 1).

The tour designers, Heiðar Halldórsson and Francesco Perini are hopeful that Húsavík Walking Tours will be the ideal add to the range of activities in Húsavík – a good start of the day or a nice way to end a great day in the town before going to dinner in one of the town’s excellent restaurants.
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