A Drakkar sails into the Exploration Museum!

A new item has been recently added to the exhibition of the Exploration Museum: a Drakkar model! The Drakkar is a marine vessels of unique design, built by the Vikings during the Viking Age.  The model is now featured in the Vikings section of the museum, beside the stories of the main explorers of that age related to Iceland.

The model was built by Italian modeler Lorenzo Perini who spent two weeks in Húsavík working on the model. The model is 86cm long, 1/25 scale model of the Oseberg ship, a well-preserved Viking ship discovered in southern Norway in 1903 and commonly acknowledged to be the oldest Viking ship ever found and among the finest artifacts of the Viking Era. The real ship, almost 22 metres long, is displayed at the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy, western Oslo. At the Exploration Museum, instead, is the beautiful model that the Italian modeler, during the unveiling ceremony, defined “exciting and fun to build for its peculiar characteristic, such as the very low keel, the helm placed sideways, the perfect symmetry and the overall look kind of similar to a Venetian gondola“.

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