44 new rooms in Fosshotel Húsavík

A brand new extension to Fosshótel Húsavík is in construction. The new part of the hotel, which is about 2600 square meters and 44 rooms big will open somewhere between May-June this year. After completion, Fosshótel Húsavík will have 110 bedrooms and 11 conference rooms in total.

The main hall of the hotel is going through drasic changes as well but should be ready at the same time as the extension, according to Fosshótel’s employees.  The main hall has been the hotel’s dining area for decades, as well as being Húsavík’s most known event host.

This construction reflect tourism increation in Húsavík pretty well. In 2015, passengers in whale watching were 14% more than in 2014. It is estimated that the total number of tourists a year in Húsavík has increased as well.

The new part of the hotel

Here you can see the old part of the hotel and how it connects with the new part