Aurora show over Húsavík

The Northern Lights are among the most incredible natural phenomena that one can ever experience. And Iceland has planty of it between September and May every year.

After the Aurora appearances which occurred in the past days and weeks – even in the second half of August – Húsavík sky got painted in green (and purple and blue and yellow and more) again on October 7. Most unusual of that night was that, for a few hours, the Kp-index of the aurora forecast peaked to 9.

Geomagnetic (or solar) storms are a major factor for auroras and the K-index is used to quantify the magnitude of geomagnetic storms in a scale from 0 to 9. The Kp-index (or Planetary K-index), instead, is derived by calculating a weighted average of K-indices from a network of 13 geomagnetic observatories all around the world. It’s therefore clearly hard to withness a 9 Kp in the aurora forecast.

Apart from cold scientific data and numbers, the night of October 7 gave us a mesmerizing show. Most certainly one of the many that Húsavík has in store for its visitors in late fall and winter.

Picture by Francesco Perini
– Header picture by Francesco Perini –